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Our values

Social heart, Business mind

At Honeycomb Group, we’re connected by a set of collective values, keeping us all working in the same direction.

Be dead genuine

Our customer experience is different because we aren’t all made from the same mould. We are who we are, no matter if we’re in front of a customer or a colleague. We laugh, we cry, and we’re not afraid to chuckle at our own mistakes. There’s no script here, just people talking to people.


Never shut the door

Breaking down barriers and limitations starts with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t close doors on new people or opinions. Value others’ differences, respect their input and listen and learn with fascination. Most importantly, never be a Jonny Bravo – it’s not all about you baby.


Chase curiosity and ambition

Whatever your passion is, be passionate about it. Fly without being afraid to fall. Take your curiosity and mould it into a new, creative way of thinking. Do what you can to give our business a fresh edge or approach, and, most importantly, be committed and proud to follow your ambition.

Our Values Never Shut The Door
Our Values Chase Curiosity And Ambition
Be a leader in the field

Here’s that old saying — do what’s right even when no one’s looking. Remember that your colleagues, our customers and the wider community are looking to you for guidance, so take accountability for your role and make a positive impact.


Come together

It’s simple, but we simply couldn’t forget to put it down. Believe in the power of collaboration; seek expertise from the wider team; and work together to create bigger and better solutions. If times are tough, have faith in your colleagues and never let the pressure break the pack.

Our Values Be The Leader In The Field
Our Values Come Together