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  • Date: 16/10/2023

£15,000 awarded to Honeycomb Group to increase relationship education for children and young people

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be enhancing our relationship education services for children and young people thanks to a £15,000 grant.

Our domestic abuse specialist, Glow, provides support and accommodation to people impacted by domestic abuse, as well as relationship education prevention work for children and young people.

Last year, their education and prevention team educated over 25,000 children and young people about healthy relationships. This was achieved through their Relationships without Fear (RWF) education and prevention programme in schools and digital videos shared across Staffordshire.

To enhance this work, Glow recently received a £15,000 grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation. Established in 1958, the Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded grant-maker that gives money to support a wide variety of charities across the UK.

The Foundation’s funding comes from an endowment of shares in the Weston family business. Since it was established it has donated over £1.4 billion, of which over half has been given away in the past ten years. In the most recent financial year, the Foundation gave away nearly £90 million to over 1,980 charities across the UK.

Children and Young People's Service Manager, Sarah Buckley

Glow’s education and prevention service will use this money to enhance their domestic abuse education offer, to reach more young people and create an even bigger impact.

Sarah Buckley, Children and Young People’s Service Manager for Glow, said:

“At Glow we’re on a mission to address, overcome and end domestic abuse. For my team, that means addressing domestic abuse at its core to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

“We deliver relationship education to children from primary school age, right up to teenagers in college. Our flagship programme, Relationships without Fear covers topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, good and bad friendships, red flags, consent and emotions, all in an age-appropriate way. Every day we see the impact of our services. After each session, children can better understand what it means to have a healthy relationship, as well as what to do if they ever need any support.

“It has an incredibly positive effect on teachers, too. They tell us that they feel more confident in recognising unhealthy situations in their classrooms, as well as signposting to us for the right support. We’re so grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation for supporting our work with this incredible grant. The £15,000 will close the funding gap and reduce the shortfalls that we often come across as a charitable service.”

Melanie Dunn, Director of Support and Wellbeing at Honeycomb Group, added:

“The Garfield Weston Foundation grant is fantastic news for Glow’s education and prevention team, as well as the children and young people that they work with.

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Relationships without Fear programme first-hand and can testify to what an incredible job the team do at communicating such important topics in an age-appropriate and engaging way.

“As a result of the programme, young people grow up feeling informed and protected, which we hope will reduce the chances of them experiencing domestic abuse later in their lives.”

Click here to find out more about Glow’s education and prevention work.