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  • Date: 20/04/2023

Group collaboration dispels anti-social behaviour (ASB) mistaken identity after link between ASB and domestic abuse is unveiled.

As a housing provider Group, including housing association Staffs Housing and domestic abuse charity Glow, understanding the link between anti-social behaviour (ASB) and domestic abuse is vital when it comes to supporting our customers.

DAHA (domestic abuse housing alliance)’s recent briefing paper highlights the shocking statistic that those experiencing domestic abuse are four times more likely to have ASB complaints made against them.

Here at Honeycomb Group, Staffs Housing and Glow have been working together to overcome the mistaken identity of ASB when it comes to domestic abuse. The Group already has an all-staff training policy when it comes to domestic abuse awareness, but Head of Housing Dave Allcock felt front-line Staffs Housing teams could further their knowledge and commitment by joining DAHA, with the Group beginning their pledge last year.

Dave explains: “research shows 1 in 5 UK adults have experienced domestic abuse. That means 1 in 5 of our residents could be experiencing domestic abuse so ensuring support is readily available is essential.

“We are lucky to have incredible support and resources within our Group through our domestic abuse charity, but we realised more training was needed. Following our DAHA pledge, all our customer facing staff now receive further training around domestic abuse.

"If our teams are called to ASB incidents, we are confident that they can now identify ASB issues which may be the result of domestic abuse and provide the support and assistance needed rather than dealing with it as an ASB issue.”

Head of Domestic Abuse Services Lucy Willis continues: “It was shocking to read within the briefing paper how residents experiencing domestic abuse are four times more likely to have ASB complaints made against them.

“The stress of an ASB complaint, alongside damaged relationships with neighbours, can have an incredibly negative affect upon someone experiencing domestic abuse. In news announced last month, there are Government plans to not only make it easier for landlords to evict tenants where there have been complaints of ASB, but potentially reduce priority for future applications for social housing.

“It is distressing to think someone experiencing domestic abuse is being treated unfairly due to lack of education.”

Staffs Housing and Glow plan to continue their collaboration with further support surrounding the renters reform. 

Honeycomb Group is proud to be a part of DAHA and a champion for domestic abuse victims/survivors. Through Glow and Staffs Housing partnership work, the Group is continuing to support residents experiencing domestic abuse and educating teams to spot the signs.