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  • Date: 18/05/2023

Group staff team up to raise money for domestic abuse charity Glow

Staff from across Honeycomb Group are gearing up to run the Potter’s ‘Arf next month for Glow, our Stoke-based domestic abuse charity. 

The team is made up of Honeycomb Group Quality and Performance Manager Alison Lawson and Communications and Marketing Apprentice Will Allen, as well as Glow Team Leader Becky Fedoroff and Revival Handyperson Mark Lovatt. 

The runners all work across our organisation in different roles, but on June 11 they will come together with one goal - to raise as much money as possible for an important cause. 

Glow works with people who have experienced abusive relationships, by providing support such as refuge accommodation and one-to-one guidance. The Potter’s ‘Arf team are running specifically for Glow’s education and prevention service, which works with children and young people across the city, to educate them about healthy relationships and offer one-to-one support when needed.

Handyperson Mark wanted to take on a challenge in the run up to a very special birthday.

He explained: “It’s coming up to my 50th and I wanted a challenge, so I thought, ‘why not do a half marathon?’

“I’ve never done one before, but I did run the Manchester 10k last year so I have a bit of experience of this kind of thing. I’m training hard, but it’s still a bit nerve wracking. I’m really excited though.”

Becky Fedoroff, Will Allen, Alison Lawson and Mark Lovatt

Communications and Marketing Apprentice, Will, first started running during lockdown, but says the Potter’s ‘Arf is a ‘big step up.’ He’s even preparing for the race’s famous ‘heartbreak hill’ on Milton Road.

“I’m trying to prepare for everything – which includes incorporating as many steep hills into my training as possible,” said Will.

“I’ve also been running a lot in the cold – which is what I prefer because it keeps me cool – but I’d also love the weather to improve so I can run in hotter temperatures too. It could be really warm on the day of the race, so I want to be ready.

“Thirteen miles isn’t going to be easy, but I’m really excited. I’ve been training for about eight weeks and it’s really ramping up. I’m itching to get out there and do it.”

For Quality and Performance Manager, Alison, the race is a ‘challenge’ that she was keen to take on to supercharge her usual running schedule.

She explained: “I’ve been running for a couple of years now, usually about 5 – 10km, and I really enjoy it. I saw the Potter’s ‘Arf as a challenge for a good cause.

“It’s getting closer which is a little bit terrifying, but also weirdly exciting! The support has been amazing so far. I’ve been gobsmacked by the generosity of my family and friends.”

Glow Team Leader Becky signed up to beat a case of the winter blues.

She said: "I wanted to have a goal to train towards. I thought it would be really beneficial for both my mental and physical health. Two or three years ago I used to run quite regularly, but much shorter distances.

“For one reason or another, it trailed off, and I just stopped making time for it. I thought that signing up and training for the race would force me to get back into it – even better that it’s for an important cause. I’m loving getting back into running, I’d forgotten what a good feeling it was.

“I definitely have a mixture of nerves and excitement. It’s exciting to be part of a local event, especially as a team with my lovely colleagues, but 13 miles is a very long way to run, which is a bit scary!”

The team meet up every week for a practice run, with Mark nicknaming them ‘the Potter's Trotters.’

“The whole group is so supportive,” said Alison.

“Mark is really organised and really keeps us all motivated. It’s just brilliant to run together. Becky is an absolute natural and Will and Mark are always up front. I’m usually last!”

As the training intensifies, the one thing keeping the team motivated is remembering what they are running for. 

Becky explained: “Glow is a charity on a mission to end relationship abuse. To achieve this, it’s crucial that young people are educated about healthy relationships. Glow’s education and prevention team deliver this and so much more.

"They also provide one-to-one support, in a timely manner, to young people that need it.”

Will added: “It’s vital to start early and plant those seeds of what a healthy relationship looks like at a young age. I feel really proud to be running for such an important cause.”

Click here to support the team on their JustGiving page.