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  • Date: 17/01/2024

New service launches to prevent anti-social behaviour linked to unresolved mental health issues

Honeycomb Group's local home support provider Revival launches a new service to help residents and housing providers tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) in North Staffordshire.

It comes after Staffordshire Police recorded a high number of incidents than other areas nationwide. To tackle the issue, the police have launched a new initiative to have a uniformed response in hotspot areas.

The new Housing Support service will launch on 22 January, thanks to funding received from the National Grid. It will run alongside this initiative with the aim of getting to the root cause by working directly with those responsible for incidents.

The provider based in Stoke, says that often people who are unable to maintain their home, or who cause ASB have their own unresolved support needs, usually linked to mental health.

As part of the new service, they’ll work directly with residents to understand the reasons behind issues and discover ways to resolve them.

While also working with local housing providers, landlords, local authorities, and locality connectors to prevent ASB related evictions.

Pictured: Executive Director Mel Dunn

Mel Dunn, Executive Director of Wellbeing and Support believes that the launch of the service will help to reduce incidents, prevent evictions, and improve neighbourhoods locally.

“Honeycomb Group is an organisation that is passionate about local people and places”, said Mel.

“We’re thrilled to be providing a service to improve local neighbourhoods through our home support provider Revival. I’m proud that we’re one of many organisations chipping in to make a difference.

“I know that anti-social behaviour can have a huge impact on communities. In our experience we’ve found that it usually occurs because those responsible have their own unresolved support needs, usually mental health.

“These issues can impact someone’s ability to do everyday things, making it harder to maintain their home, or be a good, considerate neighbour.

“It’s why this service will take a unique approach, of working with those responsible by getting to the cause of the issues and providing support solutions to prevent issues from reoccurring.

“Revival’s trusted team will also be working alongside housing providers, landlords, local authorities, and locality connectors, who will all be able to refer residents to this service for support and to prevent evictions.

“We’re excited to support local people and are confident we’ll be able to make a difference.”

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