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  • Date: 22/01/2024

Six-week damp and mould checks: Honeycomb Group's improved approach to keep residents safe

At Honeycomb Group, we’re committed to tackling damp and mould in a proactive, compassionate and knowledgeable way.

Last year we created a refreshed, proactive approach to reassure residents and help keep their homes damp and mould free. Now, following new guidance from the Regulator of Social Housing, we’re revising our current procedures to include a six-week follow-up check after the initial inspection and treatment.

The updated approach will make sure that issues are fully resolved and don’t reoccur. Executive Director of Operations, Mary Walker, explains more:

“Our residents’ wellbeing and safety is our number one priority. That’s why we are committed to managing and resolving all damp and mould issues in a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable way.

“Last year we reviewed our approach to damp and mould. We analysed our stock data to see which of our homes were the most likely to be affected by damp. We then delved deeper to see how other factors, such as property age, postcode and features, might also have an impact.

"We then looked at our complaints data to better understand the experiences that our residents have had when reporting damp. We investigated how satisfied customers were with their solution, and if the issue had been fully resolved, over the last twelve months.

Executive Director of Operations, Mary Walker

“This combined data helped us to create a proactive monitoring plan for homes that were at risk, which solutions were most effective and gain a better understanding of the situation generally.

“Previously the sector has taken a reactive approach to damp and mould, rather than a proactive one. Blame was placed onto residents, instead of landlords taking responsibility. It’s refreshing and reassuring to see things changing for the better when it comes to damp and mould and we are already seeing a positive difference at Honeycomb Group.”

Our Group approach to damp and mould isn’t set in stone. It’s constantly evolving to react to the latest guidance and meet the needs of our customers.

“When the regulator announced revised guidance, for re-inspections of damp and mould issues after six weeks, we were delighted and took it on board for our customers.

“We understand that damp and mould can return to a property once we have initially dealt with it. By reinspecting after six weeks, we can make sure that the problem has been fully resolved. If there are more problems, we can deal with them straightaway and take further measures.

“Not only does this process reassure us as a provider, but it reassures our customers too and shows them how committed we are to resolving the issue. We’ve shared our damp and mould approach with residents through regular communication and a customer-focused social media campaign too."

As a provider we have several damp and mould pledges, including improving staff training and providing tailored solutions, not generalised ‘one size fits all’ answers.

“Part of our proactive approach to damp and mould is the ever-evolving nature of the issue and the developments when it comes to guidance and best practice.

“We’ll always be open-minded when dealing with reports, we’ll re-inspect any damp and mould problems six weeks after the issue is initially dealt with and provide a tailored approach to each case.

“We’re committed to taking the issue seriously and moving with the times to ensure the safest and happiest homes for our residents.”

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