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  • Date: 10/05/2024

New compliance system means increased assurance for customers and time saved for busy staff

Head of Property, Kathryn Ing, has shared more about how our new Compliance365 system will transform the way that we handle our property data. It means increased reassurance for customers on how their data is handled and protected, alongside freeing up time for our busy teams. Click here to read the full comment piece on Inside Housing.

Last summer at Honeycomb Group, we started a journey towards securing a brand-new compliance system.

Accurate housing data is crucial in our sector, so it’s something that we spend a lot of time on.

However, adding data into our compliance system had become a highly administrative task for my compliance team, with staff spending a lot of time physically inputting contractor certificate data to find out what actions are required for our homes.

We knew that there had to be an easier way, one that would modernise the process, so we began our journey to find, develop and launch a new system that worked for our organisation.

As a team, we wanted one central place to input, store and access data. We needed a system that would enable a more efficient use of staff time, as well as increased assurance for our residents that their homes are safe, and the data that we hold on them is accurate and up to date.

Head of Property, Kathryn Ing

The journey started by meeting with various providers, receiving demonstrations on different systems to find the one that would work best for us. We were ultimately really impressed by the Compliance365 system and could really see how it would streamline our data and automate our processes, so we selected them.

The system has been really tailored to us, and our needs as an organisation. We’ve worked with our provider to select the different modules that we’d like to have on the system. For us, it was important to focus on the big six areas of compliance - gas safety, electrical safety, fire safety, lift safety, asbestos management, and legionella. We’re now getting ready to launch the new system in the coming weeks, with staff taking part in training. It’s an exciting time because we know the impact on our processes will be really positive.

As soon as we launch with the new tech, our contractors will be automatically required to upload certificates into the system, which removes the need for that manual process by staff.

Certificates will go into the system quicker, which means actions will come out of it quicker. It’ll be a much more automated process, which means that we can achieve timelier results for our customers and their homes. It will solve our previous problems and really revolutionise the way that we input and store our compliance data.

For staff, the new system will free up time to move away from administrative tasks and focus on other important areas of their daily roles. For our customers, even though they’ll never see the system – and maybe not even realise it’s there - we can offer that increased assurance that the data we hold about their property is accurate, up-to-date and completely secure. Any actions will also be raised much quicker, meaning shorter waiting times if work to their home is ever needed.

Data is key – it’s a huge part of what we do and we rely on it heavily. Our previous system worked well, but we knew that it was time to make a change and take a step forward. We’re proud to have worked with Compliance365 to implement a modern compliance system that works for us and will achieve such positive outcomes for our organisation.